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2023 VEER Music Award Winner

our mission

Infinite Flava is on a mission to spread love, peace, and let's not forget funk through our music to the world.

Infinite Flava is a 2023 VEER Music Award winning self-contained band that has a sound comprised of soul, funk, and eclectic jazz. All original recordings are composed and produced by Terrell Williams.


Infinite Flava was conceived in 2015, and consists of LA native Terrell Williams - bandleader/bassist/composer/songwriter, along with Brooklyn, NY native Danni Davis - vocalist/songwriter/percussionist. 


Terrell is established in his own right having led, composed, and played with various local and national recording artists, such as Regina Belle, Melba Moore, Boney James, Tom Brown, Ty Marquis, and many more.  Danni is a songbird with a melodic 5-octave range that has moved all those who’ve heard her voice.


Infinite Flava is now groovin' out of Hampton Roads, VA.  The Virginia-based Indie band consists of lead vocals (Danni Davis), background vocals (Kay David, Natasha Sargent), bass guitar (Terrell Williams), guitar (Roy Conaway), keyboard (Andre Ricks), drums (Derrik Douglass), and saxophone (DeCarlo Woodhouse). 

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With a dedicated (and growing!) community of fans, we’ve come together to create an amazing hub for people from all over to share and interact.


We’d love for you to join us! As a part of our club, we want you to always stay informed about what we’re doing and what’s on our agenda. Check out our latest updates and stay in the loop.


In the meantime, please check out our debut single "Free" available on iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, Spotify and most major digital distribution outlets!

“Free” is written by Danni Davis and co-written and composed by Terrell Williams to express the notion that we are in fact free!


 “Free” is an emotionally-moving mid-tempo arrangement with soulful vocals and a pocket groove.  It speaks to people of varying situations and serves as a reminder that things are not permanent, although it may seem to be; it is only a matter of believing that things can and will change.


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