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Infinite Flava
Live in Concert

Infinite Flava is excited to announce their upcoming performance at the Shop the Block: High Street Festival on July 6th from 3:40pm-4:10pm on the Green Street Stage.

This afternoon music concert is free and open to the public, so come join us for a fun-filled event!

We can't wait to groove with you!

Click the link below for further information. 


LATEST SINGLE: "Sandy Toes & Salty Kisses" 


2023 VEER Music Awards Winner &
2024 VEER Music Awards Nominated  Band

We are thrilled to announce our recent THREE nominations at the 2024 VEER Magazine Music Awards for

"Sandy Toes & Salty Kisses"!! 

*Song of the Year  *Music Video of the Year  *R&B/Soul

Thank you for your love and continued support! 

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Infinite Flava is a self-contained, independent, recording band that has a sound comprised of soul, funk, and eclectic jazz. Infinite Flava is the sole creator, writer, and producer of all original recordings. 

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"Get After It" by Infinite Flava

This site was made just for you. is a place to gather, create, share, and inspire. We welcome our community of fans and supporters who have come together to share our passion for music. If you care as much as we do and want to show your support, come and join us!

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Want live music at your next event or wedding?

Our soul-funk-jazz sound will be the hit of your next live music event

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Want to hear our original music?

Hear our latest singles. Download and listen! 

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See our latest photos and videos

You're going to want your volume up and plenty of room to groove and dance while you listen

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